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Erik The ElfHere Santa answers some of your most frequently asked questions.If you have a question you would like to ask, just use the 'Letter To Santa' page  and if it's a really good question, we will post it here.

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"Good gracious me.. What a lot of questions!"

How many Elves do you have working for you?

I have 35 full time Elves working all year round at my toy workshop, in the sweet factory, over in the Christmas tree forest and in the Reindeer stables. They all live in small cottages, on the grounds of our house, at the North Pole.
However, around about September time, right up until Christmas Eve, hundreds and hundreds of other Elves come with their families to help get everything done in time for the big day. You can never have too many Elves around!

What is your favourite food?

Well I love a mince pie.. or two.. of course. And I absolutely love Chocolate cake, but Mrs Christmas doesn't let me have too much of that. She won't tell me where she hides it either. Perhaps that's just as well.

How did you become Father Christmas?

Ooh that is a big question!
Well now, let me see. A very, very long time ago, hundreds of years in fact, my ancestor 'Saint Nikolaos', or 'Nikolaos The Wonderworker' became the very first Father Christmas. He was a very kind man, who would leave coins in the shoes of those who left them outside. This is where the idea of putting gifts in Christmas stockings orginally came from.
Then one day, the Blue North Star Fairy visited him and in reward for his kindness, gave him some special magic powers that would enable him to spread his joy all over the world at Christmas time.
Since then, the duty of being Father Christmas, or Santa Claus has been handed down through the generations from Father to Son and here I am, the current Mr Claus. One day, it will be passed on to my Son.

There have been some rather funny Santas along the way. There was my Great, Great, Great, Great Grand Father Kristian Christmas, who became so fat that he couldn't fit down the chimneys! That was the year we had to invent the magic key. Then of course there was Great Great Great Great Great Grand Father Kristoff Christmas, who often fell asleep while delivering presents and was almost discovered by some children, had the Elves not nipped in to give him a poke.

There have been so many of us and we have all been the same and yet slightly different. This is why you see so many different Santas on Christmas cards.

How do you keep your beard so white?

I start growing a new beard, every year on New Years Day, that way it never gets too old or off colour. You have to remember that I have to eat a lot of mince pies on Christmas Eve, and the currants can stain my beard somewhat.
Then once a week, I wash my beard in a mixture of icicle water and snow crystals and this keeps it nice and white and perky.

How do you visit my house if I haven't got a chimney?

Well now.. Many, many years ago, the Elf Elders discovered a special magnetic metal and they made this into a magic key which can open any lock in the world. This includes Buckingham Palace and the Houses Of Parliament, though I never visit there because they are always on the naughty list! 
Actually, I really rather prefer the Magic Key to Chimneys, as that can be rather awkward and occasionally, I have burnt my bottom where people have forgotten to put their fires out!

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